• India managed to install only 62% of the total targeted renewable energy capacity in fiscal year 2016-17
  • Out of its 16,660 MW renewable energy installation target, India was able to add only 11,320 MW
  • Solar power saw missed its target by 6,474 MW
  • Wind power, on the other hand, installed 1,502 MW more than the targeted 4,000 MW

With India missing its targeted solar power capacity of 12 GW for FY 2016-17 by more than half, the country has fallen short of meeting its overall renewable energy capacity goal. Out of 16,660 MW of RE targeted for the entire fiscal year, it was able to install only 11,320 MW.

Solar power installations were 5,526 MW in FY 2016-17 (see India Installed Over 5 GW In FY 2016-17). The difference of 6,474 MW was the biggest among all renewable energy technologies, as per Mercom Capital Group. Wind power over-achieved its target by 1,502 MW and waste to power installed 14 MW than the targeted 10 MW.

Solar’s miss weighed heavily, so that only 62% of the overall target was achieved by the country’s renewable energy sector. Mercom believes that India has the potential to install up to 10 GW in 2017 (see India Might Add 10 GW PV In 2017).

In fiscal year 2017-18, which ends in March 2018, India is targeting to achieve 15 GW of new solar power capacity.