Israel Auctions 168 MW Solar Capacity With Storage

Winners of the 168 MW solar and storage tender in Israel have time till 2022 to complete the projects and start selling clean power to the grid. Pictured are Bahai Gardens in Israel’s Haifa. (Photo Credit: EdoM/
Israel Auctions 168 MW Solar Capacity With Storage
  • 3 companies have won a total of 168 MW solar and storage capacity in a first tender of this kind concluded by the Electricity Authority of Israel
  • Power generated by the entire capacity awarded for NIS 0.199 ($0.058) per kWh for a period of 23 years
  • Doral Group won the largest chunk with hundred MW capacity followed by Enlight Renewable Energy winning 48 MW and Ellomay Capital 20 MW

Israel has adjudged 3 winners to award what is touted as the country's 'first-in-kind' quota tender process for solar and storage capacity through its Electricity Authority (PUA). Local news portal Haaretz reported the 168 MW solar power capacity will be procured by the authority from the 3 winners for NIS 0.199 ($0.058) per kWh for a period of 23 years.

Projects will need to be commissioned by 2022 and accompanied by 4 hours of storage capacity. The 3 winners were selected out of 15 companies that bid for a total of 465 MW from 45 projects.

The 168 MW capacity was secured by local firms with Doral Group bagging the largest share of 100 MW PV and 400 MW storage capacity, as per the news report.

Developer Enlight Renewable Energy won 48 MW capacity in the auction. It plans to build a facility of 130 MW of which it will ensure steady supply of power generation from 48 MW to the national grid.

Ellomay Capital bagged an aggregate of 20 MW capacity for which it said it is scouting for potential sites to be first cleared by the Israel Land Authority. The company specified, "The continued development and construction of the facilities depends upon various factors, including, but not limited to, the company's ability to locate sites for construction, enter into EPC agreements and obtain project finance and all other required approvals, all upon terms acceptable to the company. Therefore, there is no assurance as to whether and when such process will be completed."

Israel's Finance Ministry has pre-qualified 27 companies for a 300 MW solar power project with storage to come up in the Negev Desert. The country wants to aim for 15 GW of solar power capacity under its 30% renewable energy plan for 2030.

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