• Italy’s newly installed PV capacity in the month of March 2018 was 28.9 MW
  • It took the new PV capacity installed in the first quarter of 2018 to 89.1 MW, going up from 84 MW installed in Q1/2017
  • Residential PV installations of up to 20 kW system size accounted for around 58% of the total installed capacity during the quarter

In a negligible improvement over previous year, Italy installed around 89.1 MW of new solar PV capacity in Q1/2018. Last year, this number was 84 MW (see Italy Installs 84 MW In Q1/2017).

In January 2018, the new installations amounted to 32.2 MW, and in February 27.9 MW. In the month of March 2018, newly added capacity was 28.9 MW, decreasing from 32.6 MW added in March 2017. Italian Renewable Energy Association Anie Rinnovabili has put forward these numbers based on data assembled from Terna, the country’s grid operator.

All this capacity is thanks to residential and commercial PV segments, as no large scale PV plant has been reported to have been connected to the grid in 2018 so far. Around 58% of the installed capacity came from residential PV installations of up to 20 kW system capacity.

Graph: Residential and and commercial PV installations have driven the growth of PV in Italy during Q1/2018, according to Anie Rinnovabili. Its data shows no large scale solar power plant has been installed in the country since the beginning of 2018