• Italy installed 369 MW of solar PV capacity in 2016, as per Anie Rinnovabili, an Italian renewable energy association
  • This is 22% more new PV than in 2015
  • Photovoltaics comprised 50% of total renewable energy capacity installed in the year
  • Most PV capacity in 2016 was installed in the rooftops solar and commercial segment

Renewable energy capacity addition in Italy for the year 2016 was a total of 738 MW. This includes photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectric power. While this is a drop of 19% over previous year, PV capacity made up 50% the total capacity addition with 369 MW, according to Anie Rinnovabili, renewable energy association in Italy.

With 369 MW added in 2016, solar PV improved 22% over previous year. Most of this capacity came from residential segment that use systems below 20 kW and tertiary/SME segment that use systems of up to 100 kW. Major drivers for this growth are monetary benefits on using solar power for homes and using solar power for captive use for the commercial segment.

Among other renewables, wind farms added 290 MW of wind power capacity in 2016, a drop of 40% over 2015. Hydropower capacity too did not grow -there was a YoY reduction of 33% in the new installed 2016 capacity at 79 MW.

Italy’s independent grid operator Terna recently stated that solar power generation dropped by 0.2% in 2016 compared to the previous year. With 369 MW added in 2016, the country now has a total installed PV capacity of over 19.2 GW.