Italy Installs 84 MW In Q1/2017

With 32.6 MW installed in March 2017, Italy’s solar additions are still pretty low but it is the highest capacity addition in a month since the start of this year.
Italy Installs 84 MW In Q1/2017
  • Italy installed new PV capacity of over 32 MW in March 2017
  • It is a 24% improvement from 25.8 MW installed in February 2017
  • Solar production too increased in March 2017 by 27.9% YoY

Italy installed around 32.6 MW of new PV capacity in March 2017, taking the cumulative new installed capacity in Q1/2017 to 84.1 MW. Italian renewable energy association Anie Rinnovabili has stated that most of this capacity came up in Lombardia.

In January 2017, the country had installed 25.7 MW and in February the new capacity addition was 25.8 MW.  This means installations in March increased by about 24% month on month.

In 2016, the country had added 369 MW of cumulative PV capacity, which represented a 50% share of the total new renewable capacity installed in that year (see Italy Adds 369 MW PV In 2017).

In March 2017, solar production increased by 27.9% over March 2016, according to Italy's grid operator Terna.

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