‘Largest’ Self-Production Solar Plant In Greece

Athens International Airport In Greece Adds 16 MW New Solar PV Capacity For Self-Consumption

‘Largest’ Self-Production Solar Plant In Greece

AIA’s 16 MW solar power plant (in the picture) was recently brought online by the airport authorities. (Photo Credit: Athens International Airport)

  • AIA, Greece has switched on a 16 MW solar power project for its self-consumption
  • It is designed to generate 27,500 MWh annually to cover close to 45% of the airport’s annual energy needs
  • It now aims to add another 45 MW PV capacity and add battery storage to it to go 100% renewable energy powered under Route 2025 strategy

Athens International Airport (AIA) has expanded its solar power generation capacity with the commissioning of a 16 MW solar power plant for self-consumption calling it the largest self-production PV project in Greece.

It is designed to generate 27,500 MWh annually, equivalent to the consumption of 6,650 households. This is sufficient to account for approximately 45% of the annual consumption of the airport.

The airport management expects to sequester 71,500 tons of carbon dioxide with the power generated by this 16 MW facility by 2046.

AIA airport already has an 8 MW solar power plant operating on site since 2011. With the addition of this 16 MW capacity, it now gets 2/3rd of its electricity requirements fulfilled by solar power within the airport.

Going forward, AIA targets to further expand its solar power capacity with the addition of 45 MW PV to ‘ensure the production of 100% of AIA’s electricity needs for each year until 2046’. It will also entail adding battery energy storage unit for which the airport authorities have submitted relevant applications to federal authorities.

These investments are part of the AIA’s Route 2025 program under which it plans to invest around €100 million to achieve net zero carbon emissions without offsets by 2025, ahead of the 2050 target announced by European airports.

“The effort and persistence have justified us and today we are pleased to inaugurate the largest self-production unit in Greece, an investment that strengthens with its important footprint, the identity of Athens as a sustainable destination,” said AIA CEO Yannis Paraschis.

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