Latin America’s ‘Largest’ Solar PV Complex Online In Brazil

864 MW São Gonçalo Solar Power Complex Starts Commercial Operations In Brazil With Enel Green Power Switching On 256 MW Under Phase III

Latin America’s ‘Largest’ Solar PV Complex Online In Brazil

EGP’s São Gonçalo Solar Complex (in the picture) is the company’s 1st power plant in Brazil to use bifacial panels. (Photo Credit: Enel Green Power)

  • EGP Brasil has announced the completion of São Gonçalo III project in Brazil with 256 MW capacity
  • It now joins 475 MW and 133 MW commissioned as São Gonçalo I and São Gonçalo II to make 864 MW solar complex
  • EGP says it is currently the largest solar farm in operation in Latin America

Enel Green Power (EGP) Brasil has commissioned 256 MW São Gonçalo III solar PV project in Brazil’s Piauí and with this, it has brought online 864 MW São Gonçalo Solar Complex calling it the ‘largest’ operational solar power facility in Latin America that’s fitted with 2.2 million bifacial modules.

Built for about BRL 870 million in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Gurguéia, São Gonçalo III will generate an estimated 597 GWh annually. It had been under construction since December 2020.

Phase I of the project with 475 MW was grid connected in January 2020, and 133 MW in phase II was energized in February 2021. Overall, the entire 864 MW complex, under construction since October 2018, will produce more than 2.0 TWh annually.

EGP has equipped the entire complex with 2.2 million solar panels and making it the company’s 1st power plant in Brazil to use bifacial technology.

“The São Gonçalo solar complex is fundamental in Enel Green Power’s trajectory in Brazil and has also helped us to consolidate the Group’s ability to build and operate large-scale plants worldwide, using the industry’s most innovative technologies to accelerate the energy transition,” said Head of EGP in Brazil, Bruno Riga.

In Brazil, Enel Group counts its total installed renewable energy capacity as close to 5 GW comprising over 2.5 GW wind, more than 1.2 GW solar and about 1.3 GW from hydro.

Bigger and larger solar power projects are in the pipeline in Brazil as interest in solar grows in the country. In December 2022, the State Council for the Environment (Coema) gave environmental approval to an Omega Energia project with 4.6 GW solar power capacity to enable Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) plans to produce green hydrogen (see Environmental Clearance For Gigantic 4.6 GW Solar Complex In Brazil).

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