• Mexico installed 218.37 MW of new PV capacity in 2016, a 128.3% YoY growth
  • Its cumulative PV capacity was 388.61 MW at the end of 2016
  • PV installations generated 214.79 GWh of clean energy in 2016
  • PV power represents only 0.5% of the renewable in the country
  • With many projects of 3.6 GW PV pipeline under construction, solar’s future looks bright

Mexico added 218.37 MW new PV capacity in 2016 to end the year wit at total of 388.61 MW. This is a 128% improvement over previous year’s cumulative of 170.24 MW, according to data shared by Mexico’s energy department Secretaria de Energia (SENER).  The report called ‘Reporte de Avance de Energias Limpias 2016’ shows that PV is still way behind wind power and most other clean technology sources.

The capacity of renewables was 18,503.19 MW end of 2016, representing a 25.17% share of total power generation capacity PV projects represent only 0.5% of the total installed capacity in the country. Only the biomass capacity was smaller than PV – at 83 MW or 1.1%.

The country generated 20.31% of clean power in 2016 with the help of wind, solar, and efficient cogeneration. But PV installations generated only 214.79 GWh out of the 49,206.21 GWh generated by renewable energy. The renewables share of total power generation was 15.4% in 2016 in Mexico.

But PV’s future in Mexico looks bright. In two tenders in 2016, 28 PV projects with a total capacity of around 3.6 GW were awarded. A third auction is planned for November (see Mexico Set To Launch Third Electricity Auction).

Several PV projects are currently under construction in Mexico, including Enel’s 754 MW Villanueva solar project, which the Italian utility started to build in March 2017 (see Enel Begins Construction On 754 MW PV Project). In April, Enel started construction of the 238 MW Don Jose solar PV Plant in Mexico. Both projects are expected to become operational in 2018, which means that over 1 GW PV will be added for the first time that year in Mexico.

The report can be viewed on the Mexican government’s website.