• Households in Montenegro will now be able to install solar panels in a less cumbersome way after the government approved changes to the Law on Energy
  • The amendments to the law now ease the process of installations, interest-free loans for the task
  • Citizens will be able to consume the electricity generated by solar panels and sell excess to the grid
  • Income thus generated will enable them to pay off their interest-free loans

The Government of Montenegro has approved a draft law on energy that now simplifies its self-generation power mechanism for the denizens from solar panel installations. It also eases processes for interested citizens to obtain interest-free loans and to be repaid with income generated by the energy produced.

With the new law coming into effect, citizens of Montenegro will be able to connect their facilities to the state grid in a shorter period of time compared to the previous lengthy procedure and, moreover, sell excess power to the grid.

“The legal framework for the stock exchange form of electricity trading has been specified and the procedure for issuing and using guarantees of origin has been harmonized with the rules of the European Association of Organizations Issuing Guarantees of Origin,” stated the government.

These changes were brought in the law after a public debate on the subject launched in March 2020.

According to Balkan Green Energy News, the amended Law on Energy now enables all households to install solar panels on their roof in a very cost-effective way, and that the Ministry of Economy has secured subsidies for loans to install solar panels.