• SIG has launched Solar Community for the Lithuanian solar market as an online platform
  • It enables consumers to buy solar power generated by solar panels installed anywhere in the country
  • They can decide the amount of power they buy basis their household consumption and this power purchased is then fed into the grid

Solar energy assets investment management company Sun Investment Group (SIG) has launched an online platform called Solar Community in Lithuania that allows users to buy solar energy generated by remote solar panels without having to physically purchase a system. And this clean power can be bought from anywhere in the country.

Interested consumers can estimate their energy usage at home and buy the amount of solar via the online platform. They’d be able to choose from system capacity ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW and all this energy will be fed into the grid to cover their household needs later.

The company chose Lithuania to launch this online platform since the country has passed amendments allowing everyone the right to generate and use renewable energy sources from remote solar power plants, explained SIG CEO Deividas Varabauskas. The Lithuanian government also compensates for buying remote solar panels, an encouraging sign for the solar market.

“Until now, in Lithuania, only a few companies and individual users had enough resources to build solar panels, but the new platform would open the doors for people living in shared premises and for companies with fewer resources. Also, it takes less time to buy or rent a remote panel and start generating energy,” added Varabauskas.

Lithuania secured the European Commission’s approval to its €385 million renewables state support scheme in April 2019 open to solar, wind and hydropower installations selected through a competitive bidding process with a premium. It will remain in effect till the country achieves its 38% renewables target scheduled for 2025.