Overwhelming Response For Brazil Auction

Brazil’s October Reserve Energy Auction Registers 62 GW Capacity

Overwhelming Response For Brazil Auction

EPE has recorded 972 energy generation projects for its October 25, 2021 reserve energy auction, representing 62 GW capacity. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: pan demin/Shutterstock.com)

  • EPE registers 62 GW power generation capacity for October 25, 2021 reserve energy auction
  • Of the total 972 projects registered, solar PV comprises only 3% share with the largest chunk being for natural gas
  • Winning projects will be awarded power supply contracts for the period between May 1, 2022 and December 31, 2025

The Energy Research Company (EPE) of Brazil has reported registrations worth 62 GW power generation capacity for its October 25, 2021 new reserve energy auction. The country wants to ensure stable and reliable electricity supply, hence is conducting reserve auction to secure the reserve energy (see Latin America PV News Snippets: Shell, MME, Coema).

This competition round is open to wind and solar PV projects, along with thermal facilities that use biomass, natural has, fuel oil or diesel as a source. Selected wind and solar power projects will be contracted between May 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025.

Maximum response has come in for natural gas projects, while solar PV capacity makes up only 3% of the total registrations for 972 projects.

While the response to this tender is encouraging, in the September 30, 2021 A-5 new energy auction the government awarded only 861 MW power generation capacity with 236 MW of solar PV, as against 94 GW total registered projects (see Brazilian Auction Awards 861 MW Capacity).

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