Pakistan’s 400 MW Green Hydrogen Plant

700 MW Solar, 500 MW Wind & 450 MW Storage Capacity For Green Hydrogen Project

Pakistan’s 400 MW Green Hydrogen Plant

Solar, wind and battery energy storage will be deployed by Oracle Power and PowerChina to produce green hydrogen from a 400 MW plant in Pakistan’s Thatta region. The 2 companies are looking for technology suppliers and assessing costs for the proposed plant. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Scharfsinn/

  • Oracle Power and PowerChina complete preliminary technical feasibility study for proposed 400 MW green hydrogen project in Pakistan
  • It is envisaged to be sited in Thatta province of Sindh and powered by 700 MW solar, 500 MW wind and 450 MW battery storage capacity
  • Project partners aim to generate 150,000 kg of green hydrogen daily on full ramp up for under $2.00 per kg
  • They are now actively pursuing technology suppliers and assessing costs across Europe, Japan and South Korea to further advance the project

Pakistan’s coal miner Oracle Power plans to deploy 700 MW solar power, 500 MW wind energy and 450 MW battery energy storage capacity to power its proposed 400 MW green hydrogen plant in the country, according to a preliminary technical study completed by China’s PowerChina.

The duo had initially announced the 400 MW project as the country’s 1st green hydrogen production facility in October 2021 for which it had entered into a non-exclusive cooperation agreement with PowerChina International Group Ltd (see Green Hydrogen Project In Pakistan).

They have now identified Thatta district of Sindh province as the location to site the project within the vicinity of Gharo-Jhimpir Wind Corridor. The location is approximately 120 km from the sea port and 130 km from Sindh’s capital, Karachi. Sindh has high solar energy potential as it experiences more than 300 sunlit days.

With 400 MW capacity, the project is aimed to generate around 150,000 kg green hydrogen daily or 54,750 ton annually with up to 99.999% purity. Oracle says the project aims to drive down the cost of green hydrogen below $2.00 per kg once operational at full capacity. It will be supplied for local use in industry, urea and ammonia manufacturing, transport and power generation, and also exported to other continents.

“The supply of hydrogen to potential buyers appears to be very feasible from Pakistan as it has three world class ports, and customized transport and infrastructure facilities can be built easily,” stated the company in an Information Memorandum released about the project.

Total estimated cost of the entire project is expected to be $2 billion out of which the 700 MW solar project will incur investment of $420 million, 500 MW wind energy $600 million and 450 MW battery energy storage another $113 million. The 400 MW green hydrogen production plant alone will cost an estimated $348 million, according to the project partners who are now actively pursuing technology suppliers and assessing costs across Europe, Japan and South Korea to further advance the plan.

“We are making good progress in a short time since signing the Co-Operation Agreement with PowerChina,” said Oracle CEO Naheed Memon. “Green hydrogen has been dubbed as the ‘fuel of the future’ and Oracle is in the exciting position to be a first mover in Pakistan and, at the competitive price that is being targeted, is set to be in a strong position in the international market as well.”

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