• Tauron will be building a 5 MW solar power plant under its Green Returns initiative in Poland
  • The Jaworzno solar power plant will be located on the same site that previously hosted a coal power plant
  • Project will be partly financed by WFOSiGW that may disburse up to PLN 3 million which Tauron may also use for other ecology friendly projects

Polish coal miner Tauron is building a solar power plant on the site that earlier hosted the Jaworzno I coal power plant, also operated by the company. The 5 MW capacity project is being co-financed by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOSiGW) in Katowice.

WFOSiGW may provide up to PLN 3 million ($158,590) to Tauron which the company may use for more ecology friendly investments after fulfilling the contractual terms of the 5 MW project.

“We are consistently implementing Tauron’s Green Return assumptions, despite the problems related to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Filip Grzegorczyk, president of the board of Taurin Polska Energia. “The photovoltaic farm in Jaworzno is part of a broader photovoltaic development program in post-industrial areas belonging to the Group.”

The 5 MW solar project is to be built by a consortium of Tauron Serwis and Tauron Dystrybucje in Jaworzno and is part of the company’s Green Return initiatives under which Tauron aims to develop an additional 900 MW of onshore wind farms and another 300 MW of solar farms, along with offshore wind farms, by the year 2025.

For its Tauron PV program, the Polish company plans to undertake construction for 75 MW to 150 MW of solar PV capacity making use of 5 sites that previously hosted power plants or furnace waste landfills.