• Germany’s Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur has announced solar PV as the winner of its second joint tender for onshore wind and solar power
    • PV lapped up 201 MW of total capacity as 36 projects, with 10 being in Brandenburg alone
    • Winning bids ranged between €0.0465 ($0.053) per kWh and €0.0579 ($0.066) per kWh, and average price was determined to be €0.0572 ($0.066) per kWh
    • Only 1 bid was submitted for wind which was rejected as the agency found the tariff too high

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) of Germany has awarded a total of 201 MW capacity to PV in the second joint auction for onshore wind and solar PV technologies. With this, solar has once again beaten wind to win it all. In the first joint auction too, whose results were announced in April 2018, solar won 210 MW, even more than the capacity originally offered (see All For Solar, None For Wind In German Tender).

Well, it didn’t really seem like a competition the second time around since only 1 bid for onshore wind was submitted, still, it was rejected as the bid was too high. The agency also commented, “In fact, the joint call for tenders looks like an additional PV tender.”

Winning bids ranged between €0.0465 ($0.053) per kWh and €0.0579 ($0.066) per kWh; the average price was determined to be €0.0572 ($0.066) per kWh. In the first auction, the average was €0.0467 ($0.058) per kWh.

The tender was oversubscribed as the agency received 50 bids with a total of 307 MW capacity. Of this, one was for wind turbines while two bids were excluded for technical reasons.

Of the 36 PV projects chosen during the second auction, 10 projects representing 65 MW were awarded to projects in Brandenburg. Belectric, Enerparc are among winners of the second auction. The complete list of winners is accessible on the website of Bundesnetzagentur.