• HROTE has announced a renewable energy tender for in Croatia 88 MW capacity
  • It includes 50 MW of solar, 15 MW of biogas, 14 MW of biomass and 9 MW of small hydropower plants
  • Maximum tariff to bid for solar power cannot exceed €0.084 per kWh while the highest bid range is for biomass at €0.178 per kWh

The Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) has launched an auction for a total of 88 MW renewable energy capacity to secure premiums and determine long-term fixed tariffs for this clean energy. This 88 MW is part of the 2,265 MW renewable energy and cogeneration capacity the government wants to auction, which was published  in the national gazette in May 2020. It has over 1 GW reserved for solar PV technology (see Croatia Plans 1 GW Solar PV Tender Scheme).

Of the tendered 88 MW capacity, the share of solar power plants is the highest at 50 MW, 15 MW for biogas, 14 MW for biomass and 9 MW of small hydropower plants, according to HROTE’s tender documents, as reported by Balkan Green Energy News.

For solar power plants, the capacity range is stated as a minimum of 50 kW to up to 500 kW. Ceiling tariffs cannot exceed €0.084 ($0.10) per kWh for solar power plants, while the highest tariff cannot exceed €0.178 (to $0.21) per kWh for biomass.

Interested projects need to submit an expression of interest first; 2 months later, the actual tender process will be conducted.

Detailed tender documents in Croatian language can be viewed on the website of HROTE.