Renewables Data Collection Agreement For Oman

BP & Oman Eying Multiple GW Renewable Energy & Green Hydrogen Development

Renewables Data Collection Agreement For Oman

In accordance with its Vision 2040, Oman wants to establish itself as a potential global exporter of green hydrogen. To achieve the objective, it has now announced a partnership with oil and gas giant bp. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: petrmalinak/

  • bp will collect solar and wind data from 8,000 km² in Oman under strategic agreements signed with the Energy Ministry
  • It will evaluate the data to recommend locations for renewable energy hubs
  • Solar and onshore wind energy generation on a massive scale to produce renewable hydrogen for local use and global exports

A potential multi-GW, world-class renewable energy and green hydrogen development can come up in Oman, says global oil and gas company bp that plans to explore the same through solar, onshore wind and green hydrogen production.

Under the Strategic Framework Agreement (SFA) and a Renewables Data Collection Agreement signed with Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals, bp will scan 8,000 km² of land to collect solar and wind data in Oman. It will then evaluate the data to support the establishment of renewable energy hubs at suitable locations.

Renewable energy generation from these hubs can then be used to produce renewable hydrogen that Oman can sell locally as well as internationally. According to bp, this partnership will enable the creation of relevant infrastructure while supporting local supply chains and ensuring skill building along the way.

The oil company is already present in Oman in the gas industry, and is also part of the kingdom’s national hydrogen alliance of 13 public and private organizations Hy-Fly through which Oman aims to develop and deploy clean hydrogen.

“These projects will build on our gas business, and bring wind, solar and green hydrogen together in a distinctive and integrated way supporting Oman’s low carbon energy goals,” said bp Chief Executive Bernard Looney. The plans are aligned with the company’s internal strategy to grow its renewable energy generation capacity to 50 GW by 2030 (see 50 GW Renewable Generating Capacity By 2030).

For Oman, this is yet another large scale renewable hydrogen exercise as it pursues the ambitions listed in its Vision 2040 under which it aims to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 35% to 39%.

There is already a consortia in Oman working on Hyport Duqm project that aims to generate renewable hydrogen using 1.3 GW DC of solar and wind energy under phase I. Another large scale project planned by EnerTech and InterContinental Energy is planned to use 25 GW solar and wind energy for renewable Hydrogen (see Germany’s Uniper Joins Oman Green Hydrogen Project).

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