Russia To Host Gigawatt Level Heterojunction Factory

Unigreen Energy Starts Construction Of 1.3 GW Silicon N-Type Monocrystalline Ingots & Wafers, Along With 1 GW Heterojunction Cell Factory In Kaliningrad, Russia; Says Will Revive European Solar Industry

Russia To Host Gigawatt Level Heterojunction Factory

On completion, the Encore GW fab of Russia's Unigreen Energy which started its construction phase on July 29, 2021 (in the picture), is planned to cater majorly to markets abroad, including Europe, Asia Pacific among others. (Photo Credit: Unigreen Energy)

  • Unigreen Energy has broken ground on a GW scale HJT production fab in Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Here it will produce 1.3 GW of silicon N-type monocrystalline ingots and wafers, along with 1 GW HJT solar cells
  • EnCore Gigafactory is expected to ramp up completely in late 2022 and cater mostly to overseas clients in Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions
Russian diversified business group Unigreen Energy – with interests spanning renewable energy, nutrition and ecotourism projects – has started construction on a GW level heterojunction (HJT) factory in the country. Unigreen Energy is a subsidiary of Russian heterojunction (HJT) solar cell and module manufacturer Hevel Solar’s majority stakeholder Ream Management.

Unigreen Energy calls the new gigawatt factory as EnCore and it will host 1.3 GW of silicon N-type monocrystalline ingots and wafers, along with 1 GW HJT solar cell production capacity. The new facility is being constructed in Kaliningrad region that lies on the coast of the Baltic sea between Poland and Lithuania.

Set to completely ramp up in late 2022, Unigreen Energy said EnCore Gigafactory will be the largest production facility in Europe and contribute to ‘reviving the European solar industry and mitigating the risk of disruption in the international PV supply chain’.

EnCore Gigafactory plans to sell most of the volume produced to overseas markets including Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions.

Taiyang News reached out to Unigreen Energy to know more about the production fab, but till the time of this story being published, we hadn’t heard back.

On its website, Unigreen said its Unigreen Power Division is in the process of acquiring 526 MW of PV parks in Russia and Kazakhstan and 150 MW in Hungary. “Own utility-scale solar power plants allow us to be an independent power producer and generate electric power for sale to wholesale market,” reads the website.

Ream Management’s Hevel Group has a current annual HJT module production capacity of 340 MW ( see Hevel Expands HJT Production Capacity To 340 MW ). Hevel also develops and builds solar projects, mostly in Russia so far. But it aims to have 1.5 GW utility scale pipeline in the overseas and Russia by 2022.

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