Slovenia’s RE Powered Self-Consumption Capacity: 103 MW

Solar PV Leads Slovenia’s Cumulative Self Consumption Renewable Energy Capacity That Added Up To 103 MW Till 2020-End: Slovenia’s Energy Agency

Slovenia’s RE Powered Self-Consumption Capacity: 103 MW

The Slovenian Energy Agency’s data for self-consumption capacity in the country since 2016 shows solar PV leading the charge contributing maximum capacity in the space among renewables. (Photo Credit: Agencija za energijo)

  • Slovenia’s self-consumption renewable energy capacity on cumulative basis reached 103 MW till the end of 2020
  • It is led by solar PV comprising 8,614 systems out of a total of 8,641 installed
  • The Slovenian Energy Agency believes there will be growth in self-consumption systems for community use in the future

Agencija za energijo or the Slovenian Energy Agency said the self-consumption renewable energy capacity of the European country till the end of 2020 reached 103 MW in the form of 8,641 systems installed, up from 52 MW installed till 2019.

Out of this total, solar power plants represent the largest share with 8,614 systems, followed by 24 systems that use water as a source, and remaining 3 using wind energy. Geothermal energy or CHP plants are non-existent in this category.

This means a total of 51 MW was installed in 2020, and 31 MW in 2019, according to the agency that has been tracking this segment since 2016 when self-consumption systems started to set up in Slovenia thanks to supportive policies.

Going forward, the agency expects to see an increase in the number of production facilities for community use which has almost been non-existent so far.

Earlier Balkan Green Energy News reported the country’s total installed solar power capacity as having reached 313 MW with 8,038 solar power units till the end of 2019. To the total, 31.2 MW was installed in 2019 through 2,496 PV systems (see Slovenia Installed 313 MW Cumulative Solar Till 2019).

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