• Ukraine’s cumulative renewable energy capacity at the end of June 2017 stood at 1,461.7 MW, according to IB Center
  • 132 MW of new PV capacity added in H1/2017, taking its total figure to 705 MW
  • During H2/2017, 57 new large and medium sized PV plants along with several hundred small rooftop solar power plants are likely to be set up, anticipated to result in about 360 MW new capacity
  • More than 800 solar rooftop power systems expected to be installed with capacities ranging from 10 to 30 kW by the end of 2017

The Ukraine had installed over 1.46 GW of renewable energy capacity, including solar, wind, small hydropower and biomass power plants by the end of June 2017. Out of this capacity, solar’s share stood at 705 MW.

During H1/2017, the country added 132 MW of new PV capacity with 67 new solar power stations constructed during the period. Overall, 79 new renewable energy facilities were built in the country, representing 182.7 MW. Total investment on this capacity was more than € 210 million ($248 million).

These estimates were shared by Ukraine’s IB Center ahead of its 9th International Forum and Exhibition of New Energy of Eastern Europe in Kiev in October. IB Center organizes business events for renewable energy, among other fields.

The second half of the year looks even more promising. IB Center projects 57 new large and medium-sized PV plants and several hundred small rooftop solar power plants with a total capacity of 360 MW to be built in the country. These includes the following companies;

  • KNESS: 150 MW (10 projects)
  • Tokmak Solar: >60 MW (8 projects)
  • US Solar: 30 MW  (6 projects)
  • Rentechno:   30 MW
  • Helios Strategia: 40 MW
  • Others: 16 MW (20 projects)

By the end of 2017, IB Center expects 800 to 1,000 private new solar rooftop installations with capacities ranging between 10 kW and 30 kW.

In Q1/2017, Ukraine added 3.4 MW of rooftop solar power capacity backed by net metering incentives (see Ukraine Adds 3.4 MW Residential PV In Q1/2017).

Recently, a local energy company DTEK Energy connected a 10 MW solar power plant to the grid in Ukraine (see 10 MW PV Plant Commissioned In Ukraine).