•  Brazil may reach a cumulative operational solar PV power capacity of 2 GW by December 2018, according to local solar association ABSOLAR
  • With 27,000 operational PV systems, Brazil’s total solar distributed generation capacity is now more than 320 MW
  • ABSOLAR expects distributed generation to grow by 358% this year

Brazil’s cumulative operating solar power capacity by December 2018 is likely to reach 2 GW, according to Brazilian PV association ABSOLAR.

ABSOLAR had earlier reported that the country entered 2018 with 1,099 MW of PV installations. It comprised 935 MW of large-scale projects and 164 MW of small scale installations including rooftop solar (see Brazil’s Operational PV Capacity Tops 1 GW).

Brazil’s distributed generation segment includes over 27,000 PV systems that account for more than 320 MW of capacity. After a 270% growth rate in 2016, this segment grew by 304% in 2017. In 2018, ABSOLAR expects DG solar to even increase by 358%.

Going forward, more solar capacity is in the pipeline to come online with the administration regularly conducting PV auctions. In the latest round concluded in April 2018, more than 800 MW was won by PV (see PV Scores Highest In A-4 Brazil Auction).