• France has announced winners for a tender on solar and storage on its island territories launched in 2015
  • 52 MW capacity to produce 70 GWh of clean energy was awarded to 33 bidders
  • Projects are expected to generate an investment of €140 million
  • Projects will come up on buildings, carports, or can be ground mounted installations

France has announced the winners for 52 MW of PV projects of a tender launched in 2015. The 33 winners will enable the production of 70 GWh of clean energy on an annual basis. The projects will come up in island regions of the country.

On June 11, 2016, the French Minister of Environment, Energy and the Sea, Ségolène Royal, announced the winners for the solar projects, which will also incorporate energy storage technologies. These ‘solar-cum-storage’ capacity projects will come up on rooftops, carports, and includes also ground-mounted installations.

The feed-in-tariff for the weighted price of electricity is €204 per MWh. The ministry expects these projects to generate €140 million of investment.

Out of the total capacity of 52 MW auctioned, the main capacity will be installed on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. It will have 8 projects with a total of 18 MW. All other projects will be in the French overseas territories. Martinique will have 8 projects and a total of 11.1 MW capacity, Guadeloupe will install 6 projects of 9 MW capacity, while La Réunion will see maximum projects with 9 projects of 8.5 MW capacity. Guyana will set up 2 projects of 5.2 MW.

Under its new energy law, France is aiming to achieve a total solar power capacity of 20,200 MW by 2023 (see France Increases Solar Target). This is a step in the direction of achieving its targeted 40% of renewable energy share in overall power generation by 2030.

The list of winners can be accessed here.