South Africa Amends REIPPPP Bid Window 6

Solar’s Share Remains Unchanged In South Africa’s Renewable Energy Bid Window 6, But Wind Goes Up

South Africa Amends REIPPPP Bid Window 6

After launching a 2.6 GW tender round 6 under REIPPPP in April 2022, South Africa has now increased the capacity of wind energy to 3.2 GW while retaining 1 GW level for solar. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin/

  • South Africa has offered an upward revision of its REIPPPP bid window 6, increasing the capacity to 4.2 GW
  • Wind energy share in the auction has been raised from 1.6 GW to 3.2 GW, but solar’s share remains unchanged at 1 GW
  • Interested companies now have time till September 23, 2022 to register and submit bids by October 3, 2022

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy in South Africa has increased the overall capacity of the country’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) window 6 to 4.2 GW, without changing 1 GW capacity limit for solar PV.

Under the amended tender round, wind energy capacity has been increased to 3.2 GW from 1.6 GW announced originally in the April 2022 announcement (see South Africa: 2.6 GW REIPPPP Tender Round 6).

As per the revised auction timeline, interested bidders can register for the same till September 23, 2022 and submit final bids till October 3, 2022.  

Even as the department has increased the aggregate capacity of the auction, it is still less than 5.2 GW that the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said it will be scaled up to back in July 2022 (see South Africa Leans On RE To Improve Power Supply).

In a related news from South Africa, African Rainbow Energy and Power (AREP) that holds 40% stake in the Sola Group has achieved financial closure for 200 MW solar capacity that’s contracted under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Tronox Mineral Sands.

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