Spain’s 2nd Call For RE Auctions In Oct. 2021

Spanish Ecological Transition & Demographic Challenge Ministry Announces New 3.3 GW Wind & Solar Auction, For October 2021

Spain’s 2nd Call For RE Auctions In Oct. 2021

Spain will hold the 2nd renewable energy auction for the period of 2020-2025 in October 2021 when it plans to award 3.3 GW wind and solar PV capacity. (Photo Credit: MITECO)

  • Spain will hold a new renewables auction to award 3.3 GW wind and solar PV capacity
  • There is a reserve capacity of 600 MW for projects at an advanced stage of processing and 300 MW of distributed generation capacity for PV
  • Proposals will be sought in September 2021 for the auction round to be held in October 2021

The Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) is to hold a new renewable energy auction for 3.3 GW wind and solar PV capacity in October 2021. It will be bid out as 1.5 GW for onshore wind, 700 MW for utility-scale solar PV, 600 MW for PV or wind projects at an advanced stage of processing, 300 MW distributed generation PV systems, and 200 MW technology neutral.

The 600 MW is reserved for projects that can enter generation within 8 months from the date of award and come online before the summer of 2022.

Reserved for distributed generation segment, the 300 MW capacity will be spread out as individual systems with up to 5 MW and should encourage the participation of citizens.

The new auction, according to MITECO, will encourage participation of projects that can be executed earlier which will reduce electricity prices and work towards the achievement of the country’s climate objectives. It will be the country’s 2nd call for the period 2020-2025 when MITECO has committed to auction 10 GW PV capacity (see Spain Plans To Tender 10 GW PV By 2025).

In the country’s 1st renewable energy auction under the Economic Renewable Energy Regime (REER) regime held on January 26, 2021 for 3 GW capacity, resulted in solar PV sweeping with 2.036 GW with lowest winning tariff achieved as €0.01489 per kWh for solar PV projects. Average weighted tariff was €0.02447 per kWh (see €0.01489/kWh Lowest Winning Tariff In Spanish RE Auction).

The resolution for the new auction will be published in the country’s official gazette called Boletin Oficial del Estado (BOE) within the 1st fortnight of September 2021 when the auction round will be open to bidders. Government said it expects high interest and broad participation.

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