Spain’s Self-Consumption Solar Now 2.5 GW

APPA Says Spain Installed 1.15 GW Self-Consumption PV Capacity In 2021 With At Least 10X Growth Potential By 2030

Spain’s Self-Consumption Solar Now 2.5 GW

Driven by residential segment, Spain’s solar self-consumption capacity exceeded the 1 GW mark for the 1st time in 2021. Currently, according to APPA, its cumulative stands at around 2.5 GW.

  • APPA says Spain installed 1.15 GW new self-consumption of solar power capacity in 2021
  • It represents a growth of 85% over 623 MW the nation reported in 2020, taking the total in this segment to around 2.5 GW
  • High electricity prices and solar power for self-consumption were the primary reasons for this significant growth
  • APPA sees larger growth for the segment than government targets by 2030

Spain had a milestone to report for its self-consumption solar system capacity for the year 2021 when the annual capacity for this segment exceeded the GW level for the 1st time with 1.151 GW, according to the Spanish Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA).

This reflects an annual growth of 85% over 623 MW installed in 2020, contributing to the current cumulative installed self-consumption capacity of Spain to around 2.5 GW.

In December 2021, Spanish grid operator Red Electrica de Espana (REE) announced 2.3 GW new solar power capacity to have been installed in the country in 2021 (till December 16, 2021) (see Spain Installed 2.3 GW New Solar In 2021).

It was the residential segment that drove the installations, accounting for 22% of 2021 additions in the form of 253 MW, thanks to Spaniards looking to dodge high electricity prices. APPA says denizens now view solar energy for self-consumption as a way to reduce their electricity bills.

APPA believes the self-consumption solar capacity should rise further in 2022 as newer residential and industrial facilities come online with the help of state aid.

Spain aims to achieve 9 GW of self-consumption solar PV capacity by 2030 under the country’s Self-consumption Roadmap as part of the Royal Decree-Law 29/2021, and can go up to 14 GW in the most optimistic scenario. However, APPA believes the segment can easily exceed 11 GW even under the most conservative scenario.

To encourage further uptake, the government must undertake measures as standardizing tax regulations, simplify permitting procedures, enforcing deadlines for various stakeholders and expanding the current limit of 500 mtr. between generator and consumer in shared self-consumption.

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