Switzerland 2020 PV Additions Grew Nearly 50% To 493MW

In 2020, Switzerland Installed 493 MW New Solar Capacity Taking Country’s Cumulative Installed Capacity To Around 3 GW: SFOE

Switzerland 2020 PV Additions Grew Nearly 50% To 493MW

  • Switzerland installed 493 MW solar power capacity in 2020, growing up from 332 MW added in 2019
  • At the end of 2020, solar power accounted for around 3 GW of total installed power generation capacity
  • Demand for battery storage is also increasing with some 15% of PV systems on single family homes paired with one in 2020

Official statistics from the Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in Switzerland for solar energy status in 2020 are out, and it shows the country installed 493 MW solar power capacity last year. In March 2021, local solar PV association Swissolar had expected 2020 installations to add up within the range of 430 MW to 460 MW (see Switzerland Installed Up To 460 MW PV Capacity In 2020).

The SFOE statistics show the country’s annual PV capacity in 2020 went up by almost 50% as in 2019, Switzerland added 332 MW. At the end of 2020, solar power production in the country’s electricity consumption grew to 4.7%, going up from 3.8% in 2019.

Swissolar said there was growth in all segments, especially in the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment when the average size of PV systems installed was 24.5 kW, compared to 22.5 kW in 2018 reflecting the preference for larger systems in all categories.

There was 65% increase in the number of battery storage units sold in 2020 on annual basis with around 15% of PV systems on single family homes sporting one. At the end of 2020, the total installed storage capacity of the country was 28,400 kWh.

The total installed solar PV capacity of the country went up close to 3 GW at the end of 2020. The association has been demanding the government to aim for around 50 GW solar power capacity by 2050 by aiming for an annual addition of a minimum of 1.5 GW annually if it wants to replace nuclear power from its energy mix and decarbonize its energy system.

Swissolar points out the Federal Council is considering to aim for only 700 MW of annual solar power capacity additions from 2023 to 2035. According to the association, the bill titled Federal Act on Secure Power Supply with Renewable Energies contains elements that endanger further expansion of solar energy.

Wanting the government to take a cue from the recent 100% renewable electricity target adopted by Austria by 2030, Swissolar wants the Swiss Parliament to correct the anomalies quickly to enable renewable energy expansion, while also avoiding ‘irresponsible efforts’ to extend operational life of nuclear power plants.

Recently, Austria’s Parliament cleared the Renewable Expansion law EAG carving out a solar contribution to power demand of 11 TWh by 2030 (see Austria Votes For 100% Renewable Energy Scenario For 2030).

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