A 3.87 MW solar rooftop solar system was inaugurated on February 16, 2017 by AU Optronics in Tainan, Taiwan. The system was installed at AUO’s factory in the Tainan Technology Park in Tainan city, reported EnergyTrend. The local Tainan government has made it mandatory for factories that consume electricity over a certain volume to install solar systems. These systems must bear the factory’s 10% contract capacity. Thus the company was required to install only 1.71 MW, but it decided to go for 3.87 MW. The system is the country’s largest rooftop solar installation.

A day later, on Feb. 17, Taiwan had inaugurated its first landfill solar project in the capital city of Taipei. The 2 MW system, which was installed by Tatung, is supposed to generate 2 million kWh per year (see Taipei 2 MW Landfill System Inaugurated). Taiwan, one of the world’s leading PV cell producers is now also turning towards using solar. As it wants to rid itself of nuclear power, it is pushing for renewable energy. It aims to install 20 GW of solar PV by 2025.