Tunisia Attracts 57 Proposals For 4th Solar Tender

4th Tender Round For 70 MW Solar PV Capacity In Tunisia Attracts 57 Project Proposals With Lowest Bid Coming In At TND 0.1149/kWh

Tunisia Attracts 57 Proposals For 4th Solar Tender

There is a considerable decline in the lowest solar bids received for both 10 MW and 1 MW categories in the Tunisian 4th PV tender round, compared to tender round 3 completed in June 2020.

The 4th tender round for solar PV capacity with 70 MW up for grabs has attracted 57 project proposals, according to the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. The tender was originally launched in September 2020 (see 4th Round Of 70 MW Solar Tender Launched In Tunisia).

Tendered capacity is to be built in the form of 6 large scale projects of 10 MW each, and 10 projects of 1 MW each. Of the proposals received for this tender round, 17 were for 10 MW projects, while 40 were for 1 MW projects.

The Technical Commission for the private production of electricity from renewable energy (CTER) said bids received for the large scale projects of 10 MW capacity were within the range of TND 0.1149 to TND 0.121 ($0.041 and $0.043) per kWh. The average bid for this was TND 0.118 ($0.042) per kWh.

For projects of 1 MW each, bids were proposed in the range of TND 0.176 to TND 0.186 ($0.063 to $0.067) per kWh, with an average of TND 0.180 ($0.065) per kWh.

According to the ministry, average tariffs recorded during the 4th round went down by 8% and 10% for 10 MW and 1 MW projects, respectively, compared to the 3rd auction round which was completed in June 2020 (see TND 0.12539/kWh Lowest Winning Bid In Tunisia Tender).

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