• According to government agency SAEE, Ukraine installed 26 MW of new PV capacity during Q2/2018
  • 1,107 new homes installed solar PV panels during the reporting quarter, taking the total number of installations to 4,660
  • At the end of June 2018, the Eastern European country’s residential solar PV capacity was 89 MW that has come up with an investment of around €88 million ($100 million)

Ukraine added 26 MW of residential solar PV in Q2/2018, taking the cumulative to 89 MW. This means a growth rate of more than 100% from the 12 MW added in Q1/2018 (see 63 MW Total Rooftop PV In Ukraine).

According to the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine (SAEE), 1,107 homes installed solar panels in Q2/2018. A total of 4,660  homes are now using solar panels with a combined 89 MW at the end of June 2018. All of this represents an investment of about €88 million ($100 million).

SAEE Head, Sergey Savchuk credits the government scheme of feed-in-tariff for private solar energy systems of up to 30 kW for the growth in residential PV in the Eastern European country.

In H1/2018, Ukraine added 206 MW of solar PV, taking the cumulative number to 948 MW, according to government statistics (see 206 MW PV Added In H1/2018 In Ukraine).