• Ukraine’s rooftop solar power capacity increased by 32 MW in Q3/2018, which takes its cumulative PV rooftop capacity to 121 MW
  • During Q2/2018, 1,107 homes installed solar, while in Q3 the number increased to 1,371 homes
  • Since the beginning of the net metering scheme, more than 6,000 homes have installed PV that now represents 10% of all solar power installed in the country, according to SAEE

A total of 1,371 households in Ukraine installed rooftop solar panels with an aggregate of 32 MW during Q3/2018, which takes the Eastern European country’s cumulative capacity for the residential rooftop PV segment to 121 MW. In Q2/2018, 1,371 homes added solar, resulting in a cumulative number of 89 MW (see Ukraine Residential PV Reaches Close To 90 MW). At the end of Q1/2018, the total number of residential PV installations was 63 MW (see 63 MW Total Rooftop PV In Ukraine). That means total installed residential solar capacity doubled in the last 6 months.

The increase in interest among households for solar is due to a net metering scheme. The law, which is eligible to systems up to 30 kW, has been in place since April 2015.  To date 6,031 homes have installed solar PV panels, taking total capacity to 121 MW, or around 10% of the solar power capacity in the country, according to quarterly statistics released by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation of Ukraine (SAEE).

This also represents €120 million ($137 million) worth of investments, according to SAEE.