• The City Council of Washington DC has unanimously approved the US capital's 100% renewable energy target by 2032, a deadline that puts it first in line when looking at any other state in the country
  • The bill also calls for the district to have 10% of its electricity coming from local solar power generation by 2041
  • It increases fees on energy generated from dirty sources and use the proceeds to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy programs

US capital Washington DC aims to be powered 100% with renewable energy by 2032. The city council unanimously approved a the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018. It will turn into law after DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has signed the bill.

The bill increases the district’s renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS) from 50% by 2032 to 100%, which means all electric utilities operating in the city will need to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2032, powering homes, businesses and all buildings with renewable energy.

The bill also advances solar energy as it mandates the district for a 10% solar carve-out by 2041, which means the district will need to have 10% of its electricity coming from local solar power generation in that year; the remaining RE power will  be bought in form of renewable energy credits. Its previous 50% RPS required to have 5% coming from solar (see More Renewables For US Capital).

With this bill, Washington DC now stands first in line to achieve its 100% renewable energy target, ahead of other states as Hawaii and California that target 100% clean energy supply, are striving to reach that level a little later – by 2045 (see California Confirms 100% Clean Energy Target). New York is heading towards 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040.

The District is leading where the federal government has failed us, and we applaud D.C. for passing this historic clean energy legislation today. This bill is among the most ambitious pieces of climate legislation in the country, and today it became law because the D.C. community demanded it,” said Director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, Mary Anne Hitt.

The bill was introduced by some council members in July 2018 and was approved by a resounding ‘Yes’ from all Council members on December 18, 2018.

American environmental organization, Sierra Club emphasized that the bill also increases fees on energy from dirty sources and use the money to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, along with encouraging buying and selling of electric vehicles.