Work Begins For Austria’s Largest Solar PV Park

Groundbreaking For 120 MW Solar PV Plant In Austria, Co-Located With 44 MW Wind Project

Work Begins For Austria’s Largest Solar PV Park

Burgenland Energie CEO Stephan Sharma (in the picture) said with 120 MW SonnenPark, the country is setting a milestone in its PV history as it is the country’s 1st PV plant with over 100 MW capacity. (Photo Credit: Landesmedienservice Burgenland / Burgenland Energie)

  • Austria’s Burgenland has broken ground for the country’s 1st solar power plant with more than 100 MW capacity
  • With 120 MW capacity, the PV part of the project will be located alongside a 44 MW wind power plant as a hybrid arrangement
  • The solar power plant is expected to come online in December 2022 and supply power to the local area of Nickelsdorf

The State of Burgenland in Austria announced groundbreaking for a 120 MW solar power plant, the country’s 1st solar plant with over 100 MW capacity, which will come up alongside a planned 44 MW wind power project.

The SonnenPark Nickelsdorf Solar Power Plant is scheduled to start commercial operations in December 2022 and supply power generated to the region of Nickelsdorf. It will contribute to bringing in energy independence here, aligned with Burgenland’s aim to become completely energy self-sufficient by 2030.

The target is to add 3.2 GW solar PV and 1.8 GW wind energy capacity by 2030 (see Burgenland Aims For 3.2 GW Solar).

The entire hybrid power plant with 164 MW capacity will be constructed under phases and generate close to 164,000 MWh annually on completion. According to the government, the area will also be used agriculturally for livestock farming with sheep.

It is coming up under the state’s Sonnenabo solar subscription scheme which encourages local populace to be stakeholders in solar power development. Specifically, residents can lease the PV surface area of local electricity provider Burgenland Energie and generate solar power at a monthly lease price.

“With the SonnenPark, the first PV park in Austria with more than 100 MW, we make ourselves less dependent on energy imports from abroad with every installed panel. And the most important thing: the population benefits directly from it. With this project, we are setting a milestone in Austria’s PV history,” explains Burgenland Energie CEO Stephan Sharma.

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