Module Efficiency Record from Maxeon

IBC Technology Pioneer Declares 24.7% ‘World-Record’ Module Efficiency Claim For Maxeon 7 Series

Module Efficiency Record from Maxeon

Maxeon has announced several module efficiency improvements. Pictured is a Maxeon 6 installation in Italy. (Photo Credit: Maxeon Solar Technologies)

  • Maxeon says it has achieved 24.7% module aperture efficiency for its Maxeon 7 panel
  • It has been tested at NREL but the company did not share more details about the efficiency
  • The company is planning  to ship its Maxeon 3 panels with a 24% efficiency later this year
  • Maxeon 6 panels too are available with 23% efficiency and are being shipped into Europe

Solar module manufacturer Maxeon Solar Technologies has announced a ‘world-record’ module aperture efficiency of 24.7% for a full scale Maxeon 7 solar panel along with offering a 24% efficiency module of its Maxeon 3 panels available for shipment from Q4/2023.

Maxeon says the 24.7% aperture efficiency has been confirmed by testing at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) without sharing any more details. Aperture efficiency is a bit higher than standard efficiency as not the full module is measured.

It has also announced efficiency improvements to its existing interdigitated back contact (IBC) products saying that the Maxeon 6 panels with 23% efficiency are now shipping into Europe and installations are under way.

“Most importantly, these achievements are not one-off laboratory results but mainstream production technologies that increase customer value and extend our differentiation versus our competitors,” said Maxeon CEO Bill Mulligan.

Longtime module efficiency leader SunPower spin-off Maxeon currently sits on 3rd spot of the TaiyangNews Top Solar Modules Listing for May 2023 with its 440W and 22.8% efficient IBC cell based panel, while China’s Aiko Solar leads with 23.6% efficiency for its n-type all back contact (ABC) module (see Top Solar Modules Listing—May 2023).

“We are delighted to demonstrate further improvements in our flagship IBC products, both at the leading edge with a world record 24.7% module efficiency as well as deeper into our existing product line with significant efficiency upgrades now available on our Maxeon 6 and Maxeon 3 panels,” said Maxeon’s CTO Matt Dawson. “These breakthroughs speak to the ability of our technology team to build on our decades of IBC experience as we continue to re-establish new performance standards for the solar industry.”

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