• Mexico has published the timeline of clean energy auctions to be held this year
  • Tender procedure to be published on May 8 and final results to be announced on November 22
  • Successful bidders will be allowed to sell clean power to other buyers along with CFE

Mexico is all set to launch its third long-term electricity auction on May 8, 2017. Results for the same will be announced in November 2017.

In an official press release, the Energy Secretariat (SENER) and the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) announced the call for participation in the first long-term electricity auction of 2017.

All clean energy technologies are eligible to apply for these auctions.

One difference between this auction and the previous auctions is that winners in this auction will be allowed to sell power to other buyers as well, instead of just to the Electricity Regulator Comision Federal de la Electricidad (CFE).

The timeline published states May 8, 2017 as the day when terms of the tender procedure will be published. Bid capacity will also be published later. On November 22, 2017, the authorities are expected to announce the winners and allocate capacities.

In the first electricity auction, Mexico awarded 56% of the total capacity on offer to solar power companies (see Solar Wins Big).