• Michigan based electric utility Consumers Energy has secured approval of the state public service commission for its Clean Energy Plan
  • Consumers Energy will now aim for 90% share in the energy mix by 2040 to come from clean energy resources
  • 5 GW of solar power capacity will be procured through competitive bidding even before 2030
  • It will also go coal-free by 2040 with the shut down of coal-fired power plants

The Michigan Public Service Commission has cleared the Clean Energy Plan submitted by state utility Consumers Energy. Now, Consumers Energy can go ahead with its plan to add 5 GW of solar power capacity in the US state through competitive bidding before 2030.

By 2040, Consumers Energy is aiming to meet 90% of its electricity capacity through clean energy resources in the form of renewable energy, energy waste reduction and energy storage. It wants to encourage customers to use energy more efficiently to avoid the need to invest in new, large power plants.

Under the Clean Energy Plan, the utility aims to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by more than 90% by 2040. It will retire 2 coal-fired generating units at Karn generating facility in 2023, a decade ahead of the original schedule. The three Campbell generating units are planned to close between 2031 and 2040, which will make Consumers Energy a coal-free utility, it said.

We are working with policymakers, businesses and environmental groups to develop our energy plan, but our customers will play a key role by participating in programs that will reduce our demand for energy and manage the power grid more efficiently and effectively,” said Consumers Energy President and CEO, Patti Poppe.