Module Flashers For Production And Research From Wavelabs

Wavelabs Innovative Module Flashers Are Powered By LED-Based Light Engine For Precision Solar Characterization In Production And Research

Module Flashers For Production And Research From Wavelabs

Also for tandem cells: The latest SINUS-3000 ADVANCED from Wavelabs can also accomplish the IV characterization of tandem cell architectures. (Source: WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems)

  • During Intersolar Wavelabs has introduced two module flashers, SINUS-3000 PRO and SINUS-3000 ADVANCED
  • SINUS-3000 PRO is an all-in-one flasher for production lines with rapid throughput and high efficiency cell characterization
  • While SINUS-3000 ADVANCED offers research facilities for testing advanced cell technologies including perovskite silicon tandem cells.

Wavelabs, the leading provider of LED-based sun simulators used for IV characterization of solar cells, unveiled 2 new module flashers during Intersolar Europe 2023 (see Wavelabs Introduces New Products). Designed to meet the specific needs of production and research, the SINUS-3000 PRO and SINUS-3000 ADVANCED offer advanced solutions for efficient characterization and testing. Module production requires swift and cost-effective characterization, while research facilities demand the ability to test new materials under continuous illumination across various spectra. With the core technology of Wavelabs’ LEDbased light engine, both flashers ensure exceptional precision, long-term stability, and flexible emission of solar spectra.

The SINUS-3000 PRO is a compact all-in-one flasher that combines multiple tools in a small footprint. It supports various characterization methods, including module power output measurements, bypass diode testing, insulation (hipot) testing, visual inspection (VIS), and electroluminescence measurements. It also enables high throughput with measurement times of less than 20 seconds per module. With illumination times of up to 500 ms and the patented RapidWAVE technology, the SINUS-3000 PRO is capable of accurately characterizing highefficiency cell technologies such as HJT or TopCon. Additionally, its modular design allows for the integration of an extra rear-side flasher, catering to the growing popularity of bifacial photovoltaic modules.

The SINUS-3000 ADVANCED serves as a versatile solution for research facilities engaged in advancements of cell technology, specifically perovskite silicon tandem (PST) cells and other high-efficiency variants. Traditionally, PST modules required complex and weather-dependent outdoor tests. However, the SINUS-3000 ADVANCED introduces a scalable and modular platform capable of accommodating up to 45 LED modules with 26 individually controllable LED channels in its basic configuration. This platform provides complete flexibility in selecting spectra, illumination time, and light intensity for indoor laboratories. Furthermore, it allows for the continuous simulation of natural spectrum and intensity changes throughout a day. SINUS-3000 ADVANCED flasher was developed through a collaboration of Wavelabs, Oxford PV, and Fraunhofer ISE.

During TaiyangNews’ Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials, held in February 2023, Dr. Sascha Esefelder, Director Product Development of Wavelabs presented high throughput IV-classification of high efficiency silicon solar cells (see recording here)

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews New Solar Products Overview H1/2023, which can be downloaded for free here.

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