Mozambique Launches Tender For 60 MW AC Solar PV Capacity

Mozambique Looking For Developers To Install 2×30 MW AC Solar PV Capacity Under European Union Backed Auctions Program

Mozambique Launches Tender For 60 MW AC Solar PV Capacity

Mozambique aims to add 120 MW solar and wind energy capacity to the national power generation mix under PROLER program. (Photo Credit: ARENE, Mozambique)

  • ARENE is looking for interested bidders for 60 MW AC solar power capacity to be installed in Mozambique
  • It will be developed as 2 projects of 30 MW AC capacity each, one in Tete province and the other in Niassa province
  • Projects will be awarded under PROLER program that’s supported by the EU’s AFD

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mozambique (MIREME) through the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE), has launched a notice of prequalification for the development of 2 projects of 30 MW AC each under its Programa de Promoção de Leilões de Energias Renováveis (Promotion of Renewable Energy Auction Program).

One of the projects will be located in Manje, Tete province, and the other will be sited in Chimbunila in Niassa province. Selected developers will be required to develop, finance, construct, operate and maintain the projects.

A single company can apply for both the projects as well. Shortlisted candidates will enter invitation for bids round, expected to be launched in Q1/2023 when ARENE will further define scope of the project along with mandatory requirements. 

Bids need to be submitted before January 17, 2023. Further details are available on ARENE’s website

These projects will expand the country’s power generation capacity with 120 MW solar and wind energy, help diversify its energy mix, while also mobilizing private investment into the country, under the objectives of PROLER that has been in effect since late 2020.

While PROLER is backed by the European Union (EU) through Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency), Mozambique is being supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB) to implement its Renewable Energy Integration Program (MREP) (see AfDB Grant For Renewable Energy In Mozambique).

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