Multidisciplinary Grid-Connection Solutions From Fronius

Fronius Promotes Diversifying Energy Solutions For Solar Energy, E-mobility And A Digital Platform

Multidisciplinary Grid-Connection Solutions From Fronius

Multidisciplinary: Fronius promotes its latest energy solutions in three areas - solar energy, e-mobility, and digital tools. (Source: Fronius)

  • As part of solar energy offering Fronius presented at Intersolar 2 inverters – GEN24 Plus and Fronius Tauro -, the later is specially designed for large PV systems 
  • The Fronius’ Wattpilot, is a fully automatic and an award winning smart charging solution addresses e-mobility solutions 
  • EMIL is an intelligent charging management solution from the company for e-car fleets used for commercial and industrial purposes 

Fronius, a multidisciplinary energy solution supplier catering to home, commercial, and industrial power needs, presented during Intersolar its solutions in three areas: solar energy, e-mobility, and digital tools. 

In the solar energy sub-section, the Austrian company primarily promoted its Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter and the Fronius Tauro project inverter. The GEN24 Plus is a versatile hybrid inverter with integrated backup power that provides the most adaptable solar energy supply solution. The inverter provides a wide range of solutions for applications such as photovoltaics, storage, emergency power, heat, and e-mobility. It has two backup power options: PV point and full backup. The Tauro is a robust inverter designed for large-scale PV systems up to 50 kW in power. The system’s power electronics, which are protected by active cooling and a double-walled housing, keep it stable even at temperatures as high as 50 °C. 

The Fronius Wattpilot is at the top of the promotion list for e-mobility and sustainable PV excess charging. The Wattpilot charging box provides a smart charging solution that allows for dynamic PV surplus charging. The fully automatic 1-/3-phase switching allows for even better utilization of surplus PV energy ranging from 1.38 to 22 kW. Wattpilot also works with variable electricity pricing. This means that, for example, grid current can be used to charge relatively cheaply at night during lowtariff hours. The product also received The smarter E Award 2020 in the field of smart renewable energy. Another solution from fronius was the Fronius EMIL, an intelligent charging management solution for e-car fleets designed exclusively for commercial and industrial users. 

With digital tools, Fronius focused not only tried and-tested solutions such as its Solar.creator, Solar. web, or Solar.SOS, but also the new Solar.web Business application, which provides realistic management of PV system fleets. 

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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