• France’s Neoen will work on a renewable energy project in South Australia comprising 1.2 GW of wind, 600 MW of solar and up to 900 MW of battery storage
  • It will be developed in stages, with the first stage expected to enter construction in 2019 itself
  • Remaining stages 2 and 3 for the Goyder South Project will depend on SA-NSW interconnector

French renewable energy company Neoen has proposed to build a massive renewable energy project in South Australia comprising 1.2 GW of wind power and 600 MW of solar power, along with up to 900 MW of battery storage. The Goyder South Project will be developed in stages – with stage 2 and 3 dependent on the construction of the SA-NSW interconnector, said South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

The AUD 1.5 billion ($1 billion) South Australia-New South Wales interconnector will allow renewable energy movement from South Australia to the eastern part of the country.

To be built in Burra, the Goyder South Project of Neoen foresees an investment of AUD 1 billion ($686 million) in the initial stage, reported local media, and it may enter construction already this year.

The battery capacity of 900 MW will be much larger than 100 MW/129 MWh Tesla battery installed by Neoen for its wind power project in Australia.

The French company secured approval from the South Australian state government for its 275 MW wind and solar PV facility with 130 MW/400 MWh battery storage in August 2019, a proposal that hasn’t been welcomed by all locals (see Neoen’s 275 MW RE Facility Approved In Australia).