Taiwan based global solar PV inverter supplier Delta Electronics, Inc. has introduced a new generation of solar inverters in its M50A Flex series, with a capacity of 50 kW for PV systems. It has launched this product for select European countries through its EMEA presence, Delta Electronics BV from the Netherlands, and will be available from May 2021 onward.
The company says the new product offers more flexibility in system design, along with weighing less as it weighs 64 kg and comes with more space for laying the AC cable inside the inverter.
According to the product details shared by Delta Electronics, the new generation M50A Flex solar inverter comes with 6 maximum power point (MPP) trackers allowing for efficient handling of shading and module alignment, while incorporating anti-PID technology.
The product is primarily aimed at complex rooftop systems as it is designed to give the system planner more flexibility in the arrangement of the modules and distribution of module strings. It is ‘ideally suited’ for retrofitting older PV systems slightly damaged by PID. Its total input voltage range is 200 to 1,000 VDC that the company claims, allows the inverter to withstand input voltages of up to 1,100 VDC undamaged.
“The new Delta inverter M50A Flex meets the increasing requirements of complex commercial roof-top systems to the highest degree,” said Senior Director, Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit of Delta EMEA, Andreas Hoischen. “With its extended functions for more energy yield and additional safety features such as arc fault and polarity reversal detection, it simplifies the work of EPCs and makes solar installations safer M50A Flex inverters give commercial property owners significant improvements in total cost of ownership.”