The growing solar PV market globally is encouraging companies to bring out more and high power products for the solar supply chain. Inverters, the brain of a solar system, are not untouched by this growth. Recently, inverter makers Italy’s Fimer Group and US based Yotta Energy announced their new offerings.
Fimer has launched 2 new products targeting the utility scale solar segment, that are designed to cater to both decentralized and centralized applications covering 100% utility scale applications. It added that even as globally there is a push towards string technologies in the utility sector from central inverters, it has designed the 2 products believing that centralized architectures are still prevalent.
It claims the new PVS-350 high-power multi-MPPT string inverter from the company as the ‘most powerful and power dense’ multi-MPPT string inverter in the solar industry, compatible with ultra high-power modules of 182mm and 210mm cells. This product is optimized for decentralized PV system architectures with a maximum efficiency of ɳMAX > 99% for high energy yield.
The other product Fimer has launched is a fully-modular solution engineered with a single-MPPT string platform called PVS-260/PVS-300. Company engineers argue it can easily replace central inverters in more traditional designs, ensuring it achieves a 2.3% reduction on the LCOE of a modular conversion architecture compared to a central solution.
Fimer’s PVS-260/PVS-300 has a large capacity combined with ‘super-compact design single MPPT power block’ because of which system designers keep a centralized system architecture if so preferred.
Both the solutions, explained Fimer, will be able to integrate future requirements for battery storage. “It is a rapidly growing market and, as a result, Fimer recently announced plans to create a dedicated Research & Development Center in Italy for utility. As part of this commitment to R&D, we have exciting launches planned later this year, which will bring more innovation to the market,” said Fimer Chairman Filippo Carzaniga.
Yotta Energy’s Dual-Power Inverter
Texas, US based renewable energy storage company Yotta Energy, on the other hand, has launched its Dual-Power Inverter calling its Yotta DPI™, in partnership with microinverter producer APsystems. It works with both single phase and 3-phase applications.
Yotta DPI can accommodate up to 4 high-power PV modules with more than 440W power rating each, and integrated directly with the company’s SolarLEAF energy storage technology. It is suitable for deployment with all leading 60-cell and 72-cell solar modules.
“Yotta Energy has created the first panel-level energy storage solution that fits perfectly behind any industry standard solar module, neatly integrating into solar PV racking in place of concrete ballast,” said Yotta Energy.
In November 2020, TaiyangNews held a webinar with Solis and Enerparc on Advantages of String Inverters in Utility Scale Solar (see Advantage String Inverters, Say Enerparc & Ginlong Solis). Later this summer, we will publish our first TaiyangNews report on Rooftop Solar Inverters.