• Monocrystal introduced a new rear tabbing metallization pastes for PERC cells
  • The MY-555 has 55% silver loading and reduces the paste consumption by 6%
  • The new paste displays 50% higher adhesion over the previous model
  • The new product is compatible with Monocrystal’s local BSF aluminum paste and the combination is said to facilitate in an efficiency gain of 0.18%

Metallization paste maker Monocrystal has introduced a new rear tabbing silver paste called MY-555, which is specially designed for PERC cell architecture. The silver composite taking the shape of rear busbars on PERC cells and features several advancements over the earlier model MY-355. According to Monocrystal, the new MY-555 has low silver loading of 55% and paste consumption is reduced by 6% compared to MY-355, which means a 10 to 15% reduction in costs of ownership in the rear tabbing step of PERC processing.

The important characteristics of a rear tabbing paste for PERC cells are two-fold – not to penetrate through the rear passivation stack, while at the same time exhibiting good adhesion to solar ribbons in module making. MY-555 fulfills both these requirements. In fact, according to Monocrystal, the new paste has a 50% higher adhesion of 1.8 to 2.5 N/mm compared to the earlier model.

Another prerequisite for such a rear tabbing paste is to be compatible with local BSF aluminum pastes. Monocrystal says that the MY-555 paste is “perfectly” compatible with its EFX-series aluminum paste promoted for the application. The combination, referred as package of pastes for PERC, has the potential for an absolute efficiency gain of 0.18%, the company says.