Solar tracker manufacturer from Spain, PVHardware (PVH) has launched a new tracker that it has especially designed to be compatible with large format, high power solar modules.
PVH calls this series, officially unveiled in March 2021, Monoline+ and its 2 variants of 1P and 2P are compatible with bifacial modules from different manufacturers. The company said it has developed the Monoline+ with CPP in specific static and 3D aeroelastic wind tunnels.
For this redesigned line, PVH also touts advanced solar tracking algorithms and employs LoRa-based long-range communication technology, while claiming that this tracking system offers a significantly improved yields and greater adaptability in different terrains and conditions. This is especially true for its 2P configurations, it added, due to shorter rows.
“The current market trend is towards increasingly larger modules, with cells that produce more power, so at PVH we decided to design a solar tracker that would offer our customers the possibility of using this new generation of high-power modules with guarantees,” stated company CTO Ivan Arkipoff.
Large format modules, especially based on 182mm and 210mm wafer sized cells are set to flood the market with several module makers having announced large production capacities for these products. Companies in the supply chain are getting their act together so as not to miss out on the opportunity it offers. In February 2021, Trina Solar listed a number of inverter makers that are designing their products to be compatible with 210mm modules (see Solar Inverters Compatible With 210mm Sized Modules).
In our Advanced Solar Module Technologies 2021 Report, TaiyangNews has touched upon the importance of compatible trackers for bifacial solar modules which is available for free download here.
TaiyangNews is coming up with another report, our 1st on solar trackers with product specs from all leading suppliers, including PVH. The report will be launched on April 13, 2021 during our 1st Solar Trackers Conference. Registrations are free here.