New York Reaches 3 GW Solar Installed Capacity Milestone

With 3 GW Distributed Solar Power Capacity Installed, New York Closer To Reaching Targeted 6 GW Solar By 2025; Governor Cuomo Touts 2.7 GW Distributed PV & Around 5 GW Utility Scale Solar In Pipeline

New York Reaches 3 GW Solar Installed Capacity Milestone

Distributed solar is the backbone of New York’s solar power market with 3 GW capacity achieved, according to state administration, bringing it closer to reaching its 6 GW target to be achieved by 2025. Pictured is 17B community solar project in Bethel, New York. (Photo Credit: Governor Andrew Cuomo/Flickr)

  • New York has achieved 3 GW distributed solar power installed capacity milestone
  • It now has 2.7 GW of distributed solar capacity under development, along with close to 5 GW utility scale solar capacity set to come up across the state
  • New York is also actively exploring green hydrogen opportunities for the state to achieve its decarbonization efforts

The US State of New York (NY) has reached the milestone of 3 GW solar power capacity installed, all of which is distributed generation., announced Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s office. While this represents 50% of the state’s targeted 6 GW target by 2025 as achieved, when combined with projects under development, it accounts for 95% of the 6 GW aim under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (see New York Calls For 6 GW Distributed Solar By 2025).

This capacity can power half a million homes, according to the state administration, and represents 2,100% growth in its solar power capacity since 2011, as well as 69% cost reduction for the technology.

Now, the state touts an additional 2.7 GW of solar capacity under development, under NY-Sun incentives that’s expected to come online over the next 2 years. The Cuomo administration counts its solar pipeline to have 90% community solar or more than 800 projects under the NY-Sun scheme. In 2020, NY installed 549 MW of community solar capacity, most of which was supported by NY-Sun incentives.

In addition, close to 5 GW of additional solar capacity in the form of 75 utility scale projects is currently under development, in the state, with active contracts under the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) renewables program. The administration estimates all of this capacity to result into $5.5 billion investment in the state.

In April 2021, NYSERDA sought 4.5 million MWh renewable energy annually through its 5th annual renewable energy solicitation (see 5th Annual RE Solicitation Launched In New York).

New York is mandated to reach a zero-emission electricity mix by 2040, including 70% renewable energy generation by 2030.

It is now also exploring green hydrogen to achieve its decarbonization goals, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The state’s New York Power Authority (NYPA) is launching a green hydrogen demonstration project, which they interestingly locate at a natural gas power plant on Long Island to evaluate its potential in displacing fossil fuels from power generation. Additionally, NYSERDA will commence a hydrogen strategy study with NREL with a particular focus on opportunities arising out of green hydrogen to align the state’s hydrogen strategy with its existing mandate of 100% zero emission electricity by 2040.

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