NSW Scouring Interest For 8 GW New England REZ

Australia’s New South Wales Opens Registration Of Interest For 8 GW New England Renewable Energy Zone To Be Located Around Armidale

NSW Scouring Interest For 8 GW New England REZ

Indicative location of the New England REZ is near Armidale in New South Wales which, according to the map of the government, should be home to several solar power plants. (Source: Energy NSW)

  • NSW’s New England REZ is now open for registration of interest for 8 GW capacity
  • It is sought from generation, storage and network developers for solar, wind, batteries and transmission infrastructure
  • Assessment of the applications received will enable the government to ascertain best timing, design and location of the New England REZ

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has opened registrations of interest (ROI) for its planned New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) on whose development the government plans to invest AUD 78.9 million. It had planned on 8 GW transmission capacity for this zone in July 2020 (see 8 GW New England RE Zone In New South Wales).

Interest is sought for renewable energy technologies as solar, wind, batteries, and transmission infrastructure from generation, storage and network developers to be assessed to ascertain best timing, design and location of the New England REZ.

The region is also a potential site for pumped-hydro development. Since it is located close to existing high voltage power lines connecting NSW east coast and Queensland, the state government expects the REZ to strengthen state’s own energy resilience and the excess can be exported to Queensland.

Exact project location for New England REZ is envisaged around Armidale on the lands of the Biripi, Dainggatti, Nganyaywana, Ngarabal, and Gumbainggir people. This region is set to house several solar power projects including New England Solar Farm, Olive Grove Solar Farm, Salisbury Solar Farm, Sundown Solar Farm, White Rock Solar Farm Guyra Solar Farm, Tilbuster Solar Farm, Oxley Solar Farm, StringyBark Solar Farm, Metz Solar Farm, among others.

The state government will be accepting applications for this zone till July 16, 2021, according to the ROI details available on the state’s government Energy NSW website.


NSW plans to develop the REZs meaning for them to act as modern-day power stations leveraging the specific region’s natural and infrastructural resources. Power generated by these will be delivered to homes, businesses and industries. “By connecting multiple generators and storage in the same location, REZs capitalise on economies of scale to deliver cheap, reliable and clean electricity for homes and businesses in NSW,” according to the state government.

Of the REZs planned, New England REZ is the second one as it followed call for 3 GW Central-West Orana REZ pilot which received an overwhelming response with a total of 27 GW capacity (see NSW Receives 27 GW Interest For 3 GW REZ).

Going by the response received for the Central-West REZ, the state government fixed 8 GW as the capacity for the New England REZ. There are 2 more REZs in the offing as the South-West REZ, and Hunter-Central Coast and Illawarra REZ, according to the Energy NSW website.

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