NTPC Launches 310 MW Solar PV Capacity Tender

NTPC Renewable Energy Limited Seeking Bidders For 310 MW Floating & Ground Mounted Solar PV Projects In Jharkhand

NTPC Launches 310 MW Solar PV Capacity Tender

NTPC REL said it has launched the Jharkhand tender for GVREL, a subsidiary of the company in a joint venture with the DVC. Pictured is Tilaiya dam in Koderma district of Jharkhand whose reservoir is planned to host a 155 MW floating PV project. (Photo Credit: Koderma District Administration)

  • NTPC REL has invited bidders for 310 MW floating and ground mounted solar capacity
  • It needs to be developed as floating solar projects of 155 MW at Tilaiya and 75 MW at Panchet reservoirs
  • Another 30 MW floating and 50 MW Ground Mounted PV will need to come online at Panchet for DVC reservoirs

On behalf of Green Valley Renewable Energy Limited (GVREL), the NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) is soliciting bids for 310 MW floating and ground mounted solar PV capacity for Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) reservoirs in Jharkhand.

GVREL is a subsidiary of NTPC REL in a joint venture with the DVC. Broad scope of work for the winner spans from design, engineering to installation and commissioning of the projects including open category PV modules.

The 310 MW capacity is divided into 3 blocks of 155 MW floating solar PV at Tilaiya (block-II) and another 75 MW of floating PV at Panchet (block-IV) reservoirs. Remaining 80 MW is to be set up as 30 MW floating and 50 MW ground mounted PV at Panchet (block-V). NTPC REL said blocks-I and -III will be tendered separately.

Tender was launched on February 22, 2023. Bids to the same will be accepted till March 31, 2023. Further details are available on NTPC’s tender website with tender ID: NRE-CS-5785-004(EPC1)-9.   

In December 2022, REC Limited launched a tender for 500 MW ISTS-connected PV capacity for DVC (see RECPDCL Launches Tenders For 1.75 GW Solar In India).

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