One Component Mounting Solution From Voestalpine

Voestalpine’s iFIX System Simplifies Flat roof Solar Panel Installations By Using A single Component Substructure

One Component Mounting Solution From Voestalpine

Fast and toolfree assembly: Voestalpine’s iFIX mounting solution comes with ‘smart click’ that supports fast and toolless installation.(Source:Voestalpine)

  • iFIX from Voestalpine with smart substructure features integrated attachment points for quick and tool free assembly, reducing installation time by almost 50%
  • iFIX is built for all flat roofs, including low-load ones from durable steel and works for both North-south and East-West alignment
  • The component can withstand 1to3 wind zones and peak velocities of up to 1,400 N/m2 and compatible with buildings upto 25m tall.

Voestalpine’s smart substructure for PV modules called iFIX is designed for mounting of solar panels on flat roofs. The most important feature of the product is that it consists of only one component instead of many individual parts. The modules with cables and inverters / optimizers are quickly and easily mounted on flat roofs, according to the company.

It also features a smart click solution that enables fast, tool-free assembly of the substructure, as all necessary attachment points are already integrated, cutting the installation time by 50%. The mounting solution also saves logistics cost due to high packing density. Its large contact area minimizes surface pressure, making it suitable for soft insulation materials. The system is specifically designed for flat roofs, even those low load bearing ones, and is constructed from corrosion-resistant steel for long-lasting durability. iFIX is available for both North-South and East-West alignment.

The system can withstand wind zones 1 to 3 and peak velocity pressures of up to 1,400 N/m2. It is also capable of handling snow loads up to 3.8 kN/m2 and can be used on buildings with heights of up to 25 meters. The iFIX system accommodates different PV module sizes, allowing for flexibility in module selection while ensuring secure fixation.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews New Solar Products Overview H1/2023, which can be downloaded for free here.

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