Pack Of Module Backsheet Innovations From Coveme

High Barrier, High Reflective Black Backsheets, And Backsheets Based On Recycled PET Are Latest Innovations From Coveme And They All Can be Combined In One Product

Pack Of Module Backsheet Innovations From Coveme

Black but reflective: Though Coveme’s dyMat PYE MONO CBK HR backsheet is black in color it still offers a reflectance of more than 55%. (Source: TaiyangNews)

  • A high barrier backsheet DyMat by Coveme has low WVTR and is specifically designed for HJT and floating systems
  • Coveme’s high reflective black backsheet has reflectance of more than 55%, which in addition to retaining the aesthetics improve module performance
  • Recycled PET backsheet produced with 33% of recycled PET is one of its kind that adds to the sustainability
  • All these features can be combined into one product – High barrier black backsheet built with recycled PET

Coveme, a pioneer and leading European backsheet supplier known mostly for its PET-based backsheet solutions, during the last Intersolar Europe show introduced two unique special products– a PET-based high barrier backsheet and a high reflective backsheet. On top, the Italian company also strongly promotes its unique backsheet constructed of recycled PET.

As for the details, DyMat barrier film backsheets are manufactured with an integrated barrier layer, resulting in a low WVTR of 0.3 g/m2d. These laminates were specifically developed for HJT cells and floating systems with all types of cells. The product’s important characteristic is that the backsheet structure does not utilize an aluminum sheet to achieve low WVTR values, therefore not only does the module production process remain unchanged, but the transparent variant can also be used for bifacial modules.

The backsheet is available in white or black and has a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V.

Sustainability: Coveme has developed a novel method of producing backsheet from recycled PET. (Source: TaiyangNews)

A reflecting backsheet was another novel product from the company. Black backsheets are commonly used by module manufacturers to improve aesthetics. Such modules are favorably received in European residential markets. These black modules, however, cannibalise power and efficiency of modules since there is no reflection of the light that hits the cell spaces due to the intrinsic light absorption of the black color. Coveme has created a mono-layer PET-based laminate dyMat PYE MONO CBK HR with a high reflectivity black coating on the cell side of the backsheet, offering a reflectance of more than 55%. The technique can also be implemented on to the company’s other backsheet configurations.

Addressing the topics of sustainability, Coveme has created a novel method of producing backsheetfrom recycled PET. The company in cooperation with leading PET resin supplier DuPont Teijin Film (DTF) launched a range of backsheet films with 33% recycled content. The concept also won the Intersolar Award in 2021. The methodology and technical aspects of the concept were thoroughly discussed in TaiyangNews Market Survey on Backsheets 2021.

Interestingly, all of these improvements can be combined into a single product, according to Coveme, implying that Coveme can provide a reflective black backsheet with a low WVTR made from recycled PET.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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