Aerocompact Gets A New Management Board

Drik Morbitzer To Lead Aerocompact As Group CEO & Focus On Strategic Corporate Development

Aerocompact Gets A New Management Board

Aerocompact’s newly formed management board members: (from l to r) Dirk Morbitzer, Christian Ganahl, Manfred Ganahl, Mathias Muther and Gustavo Edinger. (Photo Credit: Aerocompact)

  • Aerocompact has announced the company’s US head Dirk Morbitzer as the group CFO
  • Founder Mathias Muther will now be the chairman of the Supervisory Board and set up Solar Power Aid
  • Company has strategic development and expansion on mind as it targets to exceed €100 million turnover in 2023

Austrian solar roof mounting solutions company Aerocompact Group has introduced its management board with its Founder Mathias Muther as the chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the company’s US Head Dirk Morbitzer appointed as the group CEO.

Morbitzer will report for his new role and as a member of the Executive Board of the holding company, on August 1, 2022. He will replace Muther who will now steer the company’s development in his new above-mentioned role. Morbitzer, who has also worked with leading US installer Sunrun in the past, will focus on strategic corporate development as the group CEO.

The role change will also provide Muther the time to set up Solar Power Aid, a charity project of Aerocompact through which ‘power supply in crisis regions hit by environmental catastrophes is to be restored as quickly as possible by means of photovoltaics and battery storage packages’.

Aerocompact has been in the business of development, production and distribution of innovative substructures for PV systems since 2014. It currently has sales presence in 9 nations along with subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, the US and India. It is also changing its identity from a limited company (GmbH) to a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft or AG), which it believes will enable the company to expand its market share through strategic acquisitions.

“We are operating in a market that is still highly fragmented, and we certainly see opportunities to strengthen our market position through strategic acquisitions in selected regions or by expanding our product portfolio,” explained Group CFO and Member of the Executive Board of the Holding Company, Gustavo Edinger. “We will continue to finance our growth from our current business, but we can also imagine working with new partners.”

Other members of the management board are Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director of Aerocompact Europe GmbH Manfred Ganahl, CTO Christian Ganahl, and COO Stefan Schäfer.

Aerocompact has 2 production lines in Nüziders, Austria which it now plans to convert from a 2-shift operation to 3-shift operation from September 2022. The company is also quadrupling its warehouse capacity in Austria by the end of 2022 while also expanding its global logistics.

In 2021, its annual sales totaled around €30 million, and in 2022, it expects to more than double the number to €70 million. In 2023, the ambition is to exceed the €100 million turnover milestone, said the management.

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