• The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) has elected its steering committee members for the period 2018-2020
  • The Chairman of the committee, Marko Topic, and its two Vice-Chairmen, Wim C Sinke and Gaëtan Masson, have been re-elected
  • Seven members in the steering committee, apart from the Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen, come from various European companies active in solar and research institutes in the European Union

The European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) has elected members for its steering committee along with chairmen. While some of the seven members of the steering committee are new appointees, Marko Topic was re-elected as the chairman. Topic is an electrical engineering professor at the University of Ljubljana.

Both Vice-Chairmen were also re-elected: Wim C Sinke of Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands and Gaëtan Masson, managing director of Becquerel Institute, Brussels.

The chair and the vice-chairmen will keep their positions until 2020. 

Other members of the steering committee elected are:

  • Franz Karg of Avancis,
  • Richard Moreth of VITRONIC,
  • Riccardo Po of Eni spa,
  • Uwe Rau of Forschungszentrum Jülich,
  • Eduardo Román of Tecnalia,
  • Wolfgang Storm of Wacker Chemie,
  • Harry Wirth of Fraunhofer ISE.

We believe in the need to re-strengthen the ETIP PV working groups and further work on becoming the point of reference for all stakeholders, especially the PV research and manufacturing industry, but also European and Member State officials,” said Topic.

The ETIP PV steering committee develops strategy and its implementation plan for education, research and technology development, innovation and market deployment of PV energy. The association is recognized by the European Commission and its member states.