Management Change: Stijn Stevens

Former CTO Of Skytron Energy Now With Meteocontrol GmbH

Management Change: Stijn Stevens

A native of Belgium, Stijn Stevens (in the picture) has joined meteocontrol GmbH of Germany as its CTO. (Photo Credit: meteocontrol)

  • Germany’s meteocontrol has appointed Stijn Stevens as its CTO, with effect from July 1, 2021
  • Stevens said his focus will be on virtual renewable power plants and storage technologies to achieve maximum performance of mixed plant portfolios
  • He comes to meteocontrol after having worked with SMA Solar and Skytron Energy

Solar power plant monitoring systems provider meteocontrol GmbH of Germany has announced the appointment of Stijn Stevens as its new chief technical officer (CTO). The announcement has been made official now, even though Stevens has been leading the company in his current position since July 1, 2021.

A PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium’s Stevens has previously worked as the CTO of Skytron Energy GmbH as well as with SMA Solar Technology AG as a system architect and technical manager offgrid and storage.

At meteocontrol, Stevens’ focus will be on combining renewable energy sources and storage technologies in virtual power plants to achieve maximum performance of mixed plant portfolios. Currently, meteocontrol manages over 50,000 PV systems globally, using the data to further develop its products with the help of artificial intelligence.

“We have an eye on all the important players on the global market and manage their extensive plant portfolios, whose added value we increase through precisely tailored information,” said Stevens.

Meteocontrol was acquired by China’s Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd. in 2014. Shungfeng is also the owner of solar module maker Suntech.

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